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Item No:31617

1/700 Water Line Series


Length: 344 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

The British Navy's Beautiful Silhouette
From the time of its building, the British Battle Cruiser Repulse was the one of the most aesthetically pleasing warships made. During WWI, the light armored battle cruiser had high speed and an offensive ability and took a leading role in sea offensives. In August, 1916 the construction of the Repulse had been completed. After the Great War, the Repulse's side armor and armaments were both strengthened and modernized. When WWII broke out, the Repulse actively participated in the chasing of the German battleship Bismarck. Later it was deployed to the Far East where tensions ran high with Japan. December 10, 1941 two days after the beginning of the Pacific War, together the Repulse and the new battleship the Prince of Wales, ngaged the Malaysian invading Japanese forces. The battleship Repulse was later sunk by thunderous intensive Japanese aerial bombing attacks.

●Displacement: 27,750 tons ●Length: 242m, Width:31.3m ●Engine: 4 axle steam turbine ●Speed: 28.3 knots. ●Armament: 38.1cm multiple barreled guns x3, 10.2cm multiple barreled guns x3, "pom-pom" guns x8
About the Model
This is a plastic model assembly kit of the British Battle Cruiser Repulse. ★1/700, Length 344mm, Width 39mm. ★The smart slender hull and nicely balanced upper structures captures the style and feeling of this model. ★The reinforced anti-aircraft armament realistically replicates the wartime setting. ★The hull separates into left and right pieces. The highlight of this model is the exact expression of the bridge deck and its masts. ★The main gun turrets use polyester caps and are moveable. ★10.2cm multiple barreled guns, pom-pom guns and anti-aircraft parts also have a sharp finish. ★Set includes the carrier based airplane the Supermarine Walrus.
  • ■The highlight of this ship's high quality finish can be seen concentrated on the bulwark and the antiaircraft guns on the deck and bridge.
  • ■Behind the second smokestack, there is an aircraft hanger and rigid catapults. The Walrus also has a top quality finish which add's to the model's presence.
  • ■This model has captured the British Light Cruiser Repulses elegant features.

Information is current as of November 21, 2007. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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