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1/700 Water Line Series No.14 (ITEM 31614)
Water Line Series

U.S. Navy Battleship BB-62 New Jersey
Overall length: 386.5mm
(Image shows fully painted and assembled model)

Serving With Distinction
One of four Iowa Class battleships built by the U.S. Navy, the BB-62 New Jersey was first commissioned during WWII, and has since been deployed with distinction to significant modern day conflicts including Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon and the Gulf War. After serving for close to half a century, this historical battleship now makes her way to Tamiya's high quality Water Line series.

The Legend of the USS Battleship BB-62 New Jersey
Serving from 1943 to 1991, the BB-62 New Jersey is the most decorated battleship in U.S. Naval history. Launched in 1942, the New Jersey was one of 4 Iowa class battleships built by the U.S. Navy. Like other Iowa class ships she boasted a 45,000 ton displacement, an amazing 212,000hp, was packed with three turrets of 50 caliber 40.6cm triple guns, and despite her large size, with hull stretching over 270m, was designed narrow enough to pass through the Panama Canal. Following serving in major battles in the Pacific during WWII, she was then deployed to both the Korean and Vietnam wars. In 1982, she was upgraded with modern technology and weapon's systems enabling her to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Following providing fire support during the Lebanon conflict she served in the Gulf War, and then was finally decommissioned for the last time in 1991.
Top view Side view
Bow Turrets Bridge

About the Model
1/700 scale Waterline Series model of the BB-62 New Jersey following 1982 reforms. Authentically reproduced hull via left-right halves. Accurate reproduction of changes made in 1982 including lattice style mast, and Tomahawk and Harpoon launchers. 40.6cm triple guns are moveable thanks to use of polycaps. SH-60B Seahawk helicopter included for quality realistic finish. Includes a detailed painting reference chart.
Painting reference chart of standard haze gray camouflage can be downloaded here (PDF / A4 / 800K)

Center deck SH-60B Seahawk Sprues

Sister Ships of the New Jersey
The Iowa class battleships including the BB-61 Iowa, BB-62 New Jersey, BB-63 Missouri and BB-64 Wisconsin were the last and largest battleships constructed by the U.S. Navy. Along with the New Jersey, Tamiya has also released the BB-63 Missouri in our 1/700 Waterline Series. The Missouri has been authentically reproduced as she stood during WWII. Tamiya has also released big scale 1/350 models of both the New Jersey and Missouri, boasting an impressive 774mm overall length.
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