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Item No:31460

1/700 Water Line Series

1/700 SCALE Shimakaze destroyer

Length: 185mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

A Record-Setter and One of a Kind
In May 1943, the Japanese Navy's next-generation destroyer Shimakaze was commissioned at Maizuru Naval Arsenal. Her high temperature, high pressure kampon boilers generated 75,000hp and propelled the 3,000-ton Shimakaze at what was a then record speed for a Japanese destroyer of 40.9 knots; she was also an imposing offensive presence, sporting three twin 12.7cm gun turrets and three quintuple torpedo tube mounts. It wasn't long before she saw action, in July 1943 taking part in the evacuation of Japanese troops from Kiska in the Aleutian Islands, and after that she was called further south, where she would eventually meet her end in November 1944, sunk during a transport mission to relieve the embattled garrison of the island of Leyte. The Shimakaze was to end up the only ship of her class, partially due to carriers and their aircraft reducing destroyer effectiveness, and compounded by the lack of production capacity as Japan felt the squeeze of a worsening war situation. Despite her fleeting service life, however, she was still able to prove that she was a worthwhile design, as the fastest and most powerful of the Japanese destroyers.
About the Model
★This is a 1/700 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Japanese Navy Destroyer Shimakaze. Length: 185mm. ★The slimline hull is recreated using left and right halves. ★Separate deck parts feature exquisite molding, with details such as anchor chains. ★Slide-molded 12.7cm twin gun turret depictions offer excellent accuracy. ★Main guns and quintuple torpedo tube mounts are assembled using poly caps to allow their rotation. ★Features a faithful rendering of the bridge and mast. ★Decals are included in the kit to recreate linoleum deck sections and more. ★The model finishes at the waterline, allowing recreation of the Shimakaze at sea.
  • ★The slimline hull is in left and right halves, with excellent attention to exterior detail.
  • ★Superstructures are also recreated with aplomb, such as the bridge, complex mast and funnels.
  • ★Slide-molded 12.7cm twin guns offer superb detail, and rotate thanks to the use of poly caps.
  • ★Poly caps are installed in quintuple torpedo tube mounts, too, for realistic turning.
  • ★The included set of decals includes depictions of Japanese characters and deck linoleum sections.
  • ★TS-99 IJN gray (Maizuru Arsenal) expertly depicts the gray seen on ships constructed in Maizuru.

Information is current as of July 15, 2017. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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