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Item No:31405

1/700 Water Line Series

1/700 SCALE Ayanami destroyer

Length: 157mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

There were four batches of "Special Type" destroyers, Type I, IA, II, and III. The Ayanami was the first Type II ship and was completed in 1930. The shapes of the funnels, bridge, turrets, etc. differed from those on the earlier Type I Fubuki-class ships and these differences are accurately reproduced. Small parts such as AA guns and boats are also highly detailed. During WWII, she took part in the invasion of Malaya, the Battle of Midway, and Battle of Eastern Solomons before finally being sunk by U.S. forces in the 2nd Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. This model depicts the ship as she appeared before the war began.

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