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Item No:31006

1/700 Water Line Series

1/700 SCALE JMSDF(Japan Maritime Self Defense Force) JDS(JMSDF DEFENSE SHIP) LST-4002 SHIMOKITA

About the Shimokita
Following the Ohsumi (deployed in 1998) came the LST-4002 Shimokita, which went into service on November, 2000. Adapting stealth technology, Shimokita's bridge area was constructed with flat surfaces. She boasts an immense upper deck, with an overall length of 160m and total breadth of 25.8m. The front deck is devoted to vehicle loading space and the rear deck serves as a heliport. The front of her hull is 100m long and combined with her upper deck can transport up to 10 tanks or other large military vehicles. The rear hull is 60m long and acts as a well-dock housing LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushions). The Shimokita has a crew of 130, and can transport 330 ground troops. In the event of a disaster she can accommodate over 1000 civilians. Like her predecessor, the Ohsumi, the Shimokita type vessel enables the efficient transport of JSDF ground troops, rescue of civilians in the event of a large scale natural disaster, and potentially functions as a supply base for United Nations Peace Keeping Operations.

About the Model
★This is the 1/700 sclale assembly model kit based on the state-of-the-art transport ship of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force, Shimokita. ★Overall length: 254mm, overall width: 37mm. ★From her stealthed exterior to her internal well-dock, front housing bay, left and right side loading hatches, main elevator, moveable rear ramp and the central walkway that connects the well-dock to the front housing bay; this accurate model is the product of completely new metal molding. ★The heliport deck and ground vehicle transport decks come in transparent parts so that you can enjoy looking at the ship's internal parts after assembly. ★In addition to 4 LCAC hovercraft and 2 CH-47J helicopters, this kit also features two SH-60J patrol helicopters. ★Kit includes two JMSDF Type 1 Missile Boats (the fastest boat in the JMSDF). ★For JGSDF (Japan Ground Self Defense Force) equipment, the kit is stocked with accurate replicas of state-of-the-art vehicles, from small personnel transports to utility vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery units. ★Wharf (250mmx20mm) and docking cushion have also been accurately reproduced. ★Decals are the same as with the Ohsumi, plus newly added designs as well.

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