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Item No:25212

Limited Edition Static Model Products


IL-2 length: 243mm. Image shows painted and assembled set.

Your Diorama Awaits!
The Ilyushin Il-2 Shuturmovik was the Russian military's main ground-attack aircraft during WWII. It was so important to the Russian war effort that Joseph Stalin personally intervened to ensure a high rate of its production. Over 36,000 examples were built by the end of the war, making it the most produced military aircraft in aviation history. The aircraft was characterized by armor that was integrated into its airframe to provide protection for vital areas such as the cockpit, engine, and fuel tank. Production of the single-seat version of the Il-2 began in March 1941 but severe losses led to the development of a two-seat version with a rear gunner. A version which featured outer wing sections swept back at 15-degrees for a better center of gravity was introduced in late-1943. Together with the T-34 tank, the Il-2 contributed greatly to the eventual Russian victory.

Developed as a small liaison and reconnaissance vehicle along the same lines as the American Jeep, the GAZ-67B featured a 54 horsepower 3,280cc 4-cylinder engine which allowed it to reach speeds of 90km/h. It proved to be a rugged vehicle with excellent off-road capabilities, and the over 60,000 produced were used by both the Russian forces as well as those of Warsaw Pact countries until well after the end of WWII.

About the Il-2 Shturmovik Model
★Length: 243mm, Wingspan: 305mm. ★Robust form of the aircraft, including the armament and heavy armor, is accurately reproduced. ★Sharp nose section, swept outer wing, and wooden rear fuselage are also faithfully rendered. ★Intake duct as well as radiator and oil cooler parts enable accurate reproduction of the radiator mechanism. ★Highly detailed fuselage surface details. ★2-seat cockpit and wheel well also feature rich finish. ★Parts included to assemble open and closed canopies. ★Includes 2 types of 23mm cannon fairings. ★Parts for 100kg and 250kg bombs as well as 3 types of launch rails for RS-132 rockets are also included. ★Comes with pilot and gunner figures as well as 3 marking options. ★Canopy masking stickers also included.

About the GAZ-67B Model
★Length: 70mm ★Realistic under-panel with leaf spring suspension, drive shaft, and exhaust pipe details. ★Clear parts included for windshield and headlights. ★Includes 1 driver figure. ★Perfect for depicting scenes on the Eastern Front and post-war examples in Warsaw Pact countries.

Information is current as of August 24, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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