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Item No:25208

Limited Edition Static Model Products


Length: 168 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

The Ausf.F was the final short barreled variant of the long-serving Panzerkampfwagen IV. Sporting a 7.5cm gun and endowed with greater survivability than the preceding Ausf.E, it was also given wider tracks to offset its extra weight. Around 470 were manufactured between April 1941 and May of the next year, and most were sent to the Eastern Front or to North Africa. Those sent to the latter fought hard against heavily-armored opponents such as the British Matilda, earning the trust of their crews.
About the Set
★This is a 1/35 plastic model assembly kit set. ★Pz.Kpfw.Iv Ausf.F length: 168mm, width: 82mm; Motorcycle length: 54mm. ★The boxy form of the short-barrel 7.5cm gun Ausf.F is captured in style. ★Tank tracks are assembly type, with one piece straight sections. ★The trusty, simple motorcycle silhouette is also accurately depicted. ★This set comes with six full body figures and a torso figure radio operator. ★Why not assemble this into a diorama showcasing a scene in the North African theater? ★Two Afrika-Korps marking options are included.
  • The Panzerkampfwagen IV was a veteran of many desert actions, and lends itself to numerous diorama ideas.
  • The figures in this set will add extra life to your creation.
  • Afrika-Korps uniforms give a further layer of realism.
  • This 350cc motorcycle was seen in a range of situations in the conflict. Its rider has a choice of head and right arm parts.
  • Assembly type tracks have single-piece straight sections.
  • Take a look at track parts still on the sprue. Note the fine recreation of 'sag.'
  • 2 marking options for North African vehicles are included.
  • Lower hull
  • A parts (x2)
  • B Parts
  • C parts
  • D parts
  • E parts (x2)
  • Y parts
  • ZA parts

Tamiya Colors required

タTamiya Color brush and airbrush paints (Lacquer paints)

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Tamiya Colors for brush and airbrush painting (Acrylic and Enamel paints)

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Useful tools and finishing materials

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Protecting your model from dust and dirt

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