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1/24 Sports Car Series no.356
Campus Friends Set II
Item No: 24356

Image shows painted and assembled set.

Enjoying Campus Life
This versatile set depicts a group of five friends in a casual setting, and paired with modern day accessories. Their poses include a pair of female figures taking a "selfie," plus further female figures - one with a backpack, and one with a helmet. Tamiya used the latest 3D scanning techniques to ensure highly natural poses and expression of the folds in clothes and accessories, making these an ideal addition to a simple diorama with Tamiya 1/24 scale sports car models. Also included are parts to assemble a 1/24 model of the Yamaha Vino scooter.

About the Model
šThis is a 1/24 scale plastic figure set assembly kit. šFigures taking a "selfie" offer a choice of poses, while a choice of head parts for two of the other figures is included. šIncludes parts for five figures. šRealistic facial expresssions, depictions of hair, clothes and numerous accessories including smart phone, helmet and more. šFigure and accessory parts are molded in ivory color plastic.

About the Yamaha Vino
šThe Yamaha Vino scooter was first sold in 1997, and earned a significant fan base thanks to its retro-cool looks. šModel length: 70mm. šThe form of the scooter is captured accurately in 1/24 scale. šDecals are included to recreate Yamaha and Vino logos, instrumentation, license plates and more.


šFigures are endowed with highly natural poses, right down to creases and folds in their clothes and luggage.

šParts are included to assemble a model of the Yamaha Vino, which will add a further level of detail to your kit.

šTwo of the female figures are taking a "selfie," and have right hand options including a coffee cup.

šOptions abound, with different head parts also included for the male figure and the female figure with backpack.

šPlenty of accessories are in the box: guitar case, various bags, purses and more. Use them as you like!

šThis image shows one of the figures on display with a (separately sold) Tamiya 1/24 scale car model.

šLeft: This image shows two of the figures on display with a (separately sold) Tamiya 1/24 scale car model.

šRight: Figure parts are molded in ivory color plastic, while the Yamaha Vino is in turquoise color.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/24 Campus Friends Set II

Tamiya Color Spray Paint Tamiya Color Spray Paint
TS-26 Pure white TS-41 Coral blue

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint
LP-1 Black LP-2 White LP-3 Flat black
LP-4 Flat white LP-5 Semi gloss black LP-9 Clear
LP-11 Silver LP-34 Light gray LP-48 Sparkling silver
LP-52 Clear red LP-53 Clear orange LP-54 Dark iron
LP-65 Rubber black LP-66 Flat flesh LP-74 Flat earth
LP-75 Buff LP-79 Flat red LP-80 Flat yellow

Tamiya Color Tamiya Color Tamiya Color
X-1 Black X-2 White X-3 Royal blue
X-16 Purple X-17 Pink X-18 Semi gloss black
X-21 Flat base X-26 Clear orange X-27 Clear red
XF-1 Flat black XF-2 Flat white XF-7 Flat red
XF-8 Flat blue XF-9 Hull red XF-10 Flat brown
XF-15 Flat flesh XF-18 Medium blue XF-23 Light blue
XF-52 Flat earth XF-53 Neutral grey XF-55 Deck tan
XF-57 Buff XF-58 Olive green XF-85 Rubber black

šMake the details stand out!
Item 87201 Figure Accent Color (Pink-Brown)

Information is current as of September 30, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.