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Item No:24222

1/24 Sports Car Series No.222

1/24 TOYOTA GT-One TS020

Image shows fully painted and assembled model.

About the Toyota GT-One TS020
"The Longest Day in France" takes place two hundred kilometers southwest of Paris. This high-speed circuit is made up of public roads closed off for the race, which stretch to 13.6 kilometers in length - the world's longest circuit track. Throughout the long history of the race, two or three major manufacturers have usually fought for the top honors, but the 1999 race boasted six major contenders. The Toyota GT-One TS020 led the grueling 24 hour event right up until one hour before the finish, when it was struck with an untimely tire blowout, but still managed to finish second. Subtle refinements to the sleek carbon fiber composite body of the GT-One TS020 were conducted in the pursuit of optimal aerodynamics. The 3600cc V8 twin turbo R36V engine also underwent various modifications, improving power, torque, and fuel efficiency.

About the model
★1/24 scale plastic assembly model kit based on the GT-One TS020 of the 1999 Le Mans. ★Overall length: 202mm, overall width: 84mm. ★This model boasts faithful recreation of innovative aerodynamics. ★Highly detailed nose and diffuser-just like the full size car. ★Rear cowl is removable, allowing modeler to view the detailed V8 twin turbo engine even after completion. ★Kit includes decals for Car no. 1 and 3. ★Masking stickers are also included for accurate body painting.
  • The latest in CAD/CAM molding technology was used to recreate the "low drag/high downforce" body lines.
  • You can almost see the air flow over the sleek body.
  • The cutaway sections on the inside of the front fenders are a highly distinctive facet of the car's design.
  • By observing the side airducts and underside of the nose, Toyota's dedication to revamped aerodynamics becomes more than apparent.
  • Bucket seats, fire extinguisher and other cockpit intricacies have been recreated in stunning detail. Cockpit sits between two side running air ducts.
  • The 600hp 3.6-liter V8 twin turbo engine features superb detail down to the intercoolers, ducts and molded depictions of plug cords.
  • Rear cowl is removable, revealing intricate airduct hose, engine, suspension, and rectifier, even after completion of model.
  • Underside of rear cowl cleverly sculpted to prevent contact with engine parts, without raising the overall height of the car. Tamiya doesn't forget this detail either!

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