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Item No:22047

Hop-Up Options No.2047


★Used in place of the standard gear differential, this front direct coupling improves initial acceleration and makes your car more stable on the brakes. ★The set includes 39T ring gear, bevel pinion gears, aluminum front direct couplings, joint cups and more. ★The image at right shows an assembled example.
  • This image shows an example of installation on the rear of the XV-02 PRO chassis.


TT-02 Chassis / TT-02D Chassis: Use with 54623, 51700, 51444.
TT-02 TYPE-SRX Chassis kit: Kit standard
BT-01 Chassis: Use with 53792, 51700 (change shafts).

Information is current as of June 2, 2022. Specifications are subject to change without notice.