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Item No:18082

Racing Mini 4WD Series No.82


Length: 150mm. Image shows assembled and painted kits.

Hot on the heels of its announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the Daihatsu KOPEN future included concept car makes an appearance in the Mini 4WD line-up! The concept car has a unique twist, whereby owners can easily change the car's body panels to alter the car's appearance, much like people change their clothes. The vehicle has two stylish variants: the RMZ has a sporty, smooth and flowing silhouette, while the XMZ showcases a more aggressive and tough-looking form. The Mini 4WD models have been given different chassis to enable Tamiya to more accurately recreate the two body styles. ★The RMZ runs on the short-wheelbase VS Chassis. ★The XMZ utilizes the adaptable Super-II. ★Both models feature silver-colored wheels and low-profile tires for a sharp finish. ★: Gear ratio = 4:1.

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