Robocraft Series No.1 (ITEM 71101)
Mechanical Dog

Mechanical Dog
Introducing the Mechanical Dog

We have at last entered the age of robotics. Welcoming this new era, Tamiya presents the all-new robocraft series, introducing a line-up of products that feature a variety of form and movement. The first item of the series is a four-legged mechanical dog with various speed controls. The dog walks by transferring motor revolution to reciprocating motion via crank and linkage rod. Main body and legs are made of transparent yellow parts to allow viewing of internal mechanisms. Construction is simple as parts can easily be attached with screws. Wiring has also been made simple.

Parts composition You Built It, You Know It

Kit lets you become familiar with the mechanics of the dog's movement. All the parts needed to construct a mechanical dog are provided. Assembly and wiring have been made simple.
Walking speed The 8 Speed Doggy

4 types of strides can be selected by changing the position of the holes on crank. Put this together with 2 types of gear ratios and you've got an 8-speed puppy. Cross link rods to make movement even more fluid and real.
Gripping parts Proficient Paws

Gripping parts at the end of each leg to change position according to speed for smooth movement.
Switch Dog of the Future

Clear switch with yellow transparent parts adds a cool, futuristic look.

Basic Specifications
Total length: 165mm, Total weight: 100g (w/ out batteries) Body material: ABS resin 2 possible gear ratios coupled with 4 different strides let you choose 8 different speeds. Spring tail also included. Gearbox, motor, reverse switch also included. Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery. Continuous running time with Alkaline battery- 2hrs. at low speed/1hr. at high speed.

Walking the Dog
Run on flat, smooth surfaces. Avoid running over slopes or on bumpy roads. Attaching roller stay will allow you to run dog on Mini 4WD course for the ultimate dog race.

*Pictures of this page show prototype.