- Lobby, Showroom, Shop and Archive Room -
Tamiya, Inc. Visit our showroom, shop and archive room!
The second floor of Tamiya Head office is open to both static model and R/C fans.
Open: Mon.-Fri., 9:00-16:30 (except Japanese national holiday)
Enter from main entrance and go up to the second floor.
Admission free
Please note that we are not able to accomodate larger groups (over 5) or applications from tour companies.
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
We ask that you refrain from eating and drinking while in the building.
Tamiya Shop
Come and take a look around the Official Tamiya Shop! With shelves packed high with scale, R/C models and Mini 4WD models, as well as Robocraft, craft tools and paints, the Tamiya Shop is sure to have something for everyone! You can also pick up cool accessories like hats, stickers and shirts featuring our official symbol for the Tamiya fan in your life! Don't forget to stop by after your tour of the Showroom!
Open: Mon.-Fri., 9:00-16:30 (except Japanese national holidays)
Closed during Summer and Winter holidays, call to find out exact dates (TEL: 054-283-0003)
Located inside 2nd floor showroom

Lobby and Showroom Click to enlarge images.
When you go up to the second floor, you will see historical F1 machines such as the Lotus 102B, and Tyrrell P34. Old memorial cars and motorcycles will also welcome you. There is a molding machine for plastic models on exhibition. In the showroom, you can see the line-up of Tamiya products.
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Tamiya Archive Room Click to enlarge images.
This room exhibits early Tamiya products such as wooden models released in the company's early years. Vintage plastic models and their packages, historical and precious static models and R/C cars are kept in good condition.
Archive Room 1 Archive Room 2 Archive Room 3 Archive Room 4 Archive Room 5 Archive Room 6

Access - From Shizuoka station (JR) -
★Take the No.17 or No.18 bus from bus stop no.21 just outside the South exit. Get off at "Oshika Eigyo-sho."
★Alternatively, take the bus for "Oshika Eigyo-sho" from bus stop No.11 outside the North exit. Get off at "Oshika Eigyo-sho."

After alighting at "Oshika Eigyo-sho," it is a 5-minute walk south towards the nearest intersection. You will be able to see Tamiya Headquarters from that intersection.

Take a taxi from the south exit of Shizuoka Station. It is an approximately 10-minute ride and costs around 1,200JPY.
Guest parking is available. You can come directly in your own car. Feel free to park in one of the spaces numbered between 16 and 21.