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Waterline Talk Episode 3: The Wonders of Scale

The Waterline Series models are produced in 1/700 scale, which was decided by the association introduced in Episode 2. In this scale, the largest WWII Japanese Navy battleships, the Yamato and Musashi, would be about 37cm long while destroyers and submarines would be about 15cm long. This ideal size is big enough to feature a good level of detail yet small enough for collecting.

Overseas manufacturers offer ship models in similar scales, for example Italeri's 1/720 scale ship series. While Italeri's models also reproduced the bottom portion of the hull, they were engineered so that it could be easily removed to result in a waterline model for dioramas. Perhaps this also had an influence on the Waterline Series.

Since all the ships of the WWII Japanese Navy have been brought under the same 1/700 scale, comparing battleships with other types of warships such as destroyers and submarines is easy. Battleships and aircraft carriers were like the size of islands while the small destroyers and submarines could be called the ninjas of the seas. Such comparisons of size would not be possible if the scales were different, and this is one of the Waterline Series' main appeals.

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