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Waterline Talk Episode 2: Rivals Working Together

The Waterline Series models are not just produced by Tamiya, but also by Aoshima and Hasegawa. Some may wonder why that is, because it is uncommon for multiple manufacturers to be producing models for the same series.

Actually, the Waterline Series is developed by the members of the Shizuoka Plastic Model Manufacturers' Association. It began with a plan to reproduce all the ships of the Japanese Navy in WWII in model form, but the sheer number of ships would make it difficult for any one company to do on their own. Thus this association of plastic model manufacturers based in Shizuoka stepped in and joined their efforts towards this grand goal.

The association is also responsible for organizing the Shizuoka Hobby Show held in Shizuoka every year in May. Of course, despite being members of the same association, each company has its own line-up of products and are industry rivals, a situation that is quite unique. However, because of this, the pace of new Waterline Series products has been brisk and most of the WWII Japanese Navy ships are now available in 1/700 scale.
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