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Waterline Talk Episode 1: The Meaning of Waterline

Do you know why this series of models is called "Waterline"? It refers to the line at which a ship floats on the water. All models in this series only reproduce the portion of the ship above this line, not the bottom portion of the hull. Hence the name Waterline Series.

This type of model is typically referred to as "Ocean Models" since they appear to be floating on the surface of the water. This is in contrast with ship models that reproduce the entire hull, even the bottom portion, and most come with display stands. These models, such as those in Tamiya's 1/350 Scale Ship Series, make for a very impressive display and have an imposing "king of models" appearance.

On the other hand, "Ocean Models" like the Waterline Series are geared towards diorama creation. Tamiya offers products such as the Ocean Effect Plate A to enable modellers to enjoy a lifelike display. Bring your eyes down to the water level and view the model from this realistic perspective.

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