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Japanese Navy Destroyers & Submarines
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Japanese Destroyer Fubuki
Item No: 31401
œThe heavily-armed design that changed the concept of the destroyer.

Japanese Destroyer Shiratsuyu
Item No: 31402
œA famous ship which played a supporting role in many actions.

Japanese Destroyer Harusame
Item No: 31403
œThe 5th ship of the Shiratsuyu-class with strengthened AA armament.

Japanese Destroyer Hatsuyuki
Item No: 31404
œA heavily-armed destroyer with a strong AA suite.

Japanese Destroyer Ayanami
Item No: 31405
œA destroyer which served with distinction in the Solomons.

Japanese Destroyer Akatsuki
Item No: 31406
œA destroyer which was lost in action near Guadalcanal.

Japanese Destroyer Hibiki
Item No: 31407
œA lucky destroyer which survived many battles.

Japanese Navy Destroyer Shikinami
Item No: 31408
œA unique destroyer design which fought in the waters of the Pacific.

Japanese Navy Destroyer Shimakaze
Item No: 31409
œA destroyer which could boast of being the world's fastest.

Japanese Destroyer Matsu
Item No: 31428
œA mass-produced destroyer that was unlike any previous design.

Japanese Destroyer Sakura
Item No: 31429
œA late-WWII destroyer with a fearsome anti-aircraft armament.

Japanese Submarine I-58 Late Version
Item No: 31435
œA lucky submarine from the Japanese Navy's final days.

Japanese Navy Submarine I-16 & I-58
Item No: 31453
œTwo renowned WWII Japanese Navy submarines.

Japanese Navy Destroyer Shimakaze
Item No: 31460
œA new kit in 2017 updating the Shimakaze, once fastest destroyer on the high seas.

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