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November 17th (Sat.) 9:00`17:00
November 18th (Sun.) 9:00`16:00

Venue: Twin Messe (Shizuoka City, Japan)
This year marks the 20th holding of this hobby event, which last year welcomed some 24,000 visitors. The venue will feature a variety of experiences to enjoy, including exhibitions of Tamiya products, interactive events for visitors to take part in, limited edition goods, and a Tamiya Shop corner. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us at Tamiya's autumn hobby extravaganza!

Product announcements (North & South Halls)
Take a closer look at Tamiya's new and recent releases for Autumn and the New Year. The displays will feature static, R/C and Mini 4WD models. We await your visit!!

Tamiya Shops (North & South Halls)
A great line-up of products from current items to original goods and more! Don't pass these special stores by, as it'll be well worth your time taking a look in the Tamiya Shops.

Shizuoka Plastic Model Club Exhibition (North & South Halls)
Shizuoka, home of the plastic model industry, is also host to a large number of model clubs, and their work forms the main part of this enthralling exhibition of highly realistic models including airplanes, tanks, cars and much more. Make sure to drop by the showcase in the North Hall to see some truly exquisite work!

Tamiya R/C World Championship 2018 (North Hall)
The North Hall will play host to an epic battle of R/C driving as competitors from domestic competitions lock wheels with top-notch drivers from Asia and North America on a specially-designed circuit, to decide who will become this year's Tamiya R/C World Champions. The racing will take place on both days, with the finale on Sunday. Come and cheer the drivers on!

Come and see a racecar! (North Hall)
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing developed the TS050 Hybrid specially for racing, and we are delighted to announce that we will be displaying the TS050 Hybrid at the show, so come on down and take a look!
With the valued co-operation of Toyota.

46th Figure Remodeling Contest (North Hall)
Take a roughly 5cm Tamiya 1/35 scale Military Miniature Series model, and turn it into a completely different subject; that's what the Figure Remodeling Contest is all about! Entries for the 46th running will be on display, so don't forget to take a look.

Event Stage (North Hall)
From an airbrush masterclass by Tomoe Ohgoshi to talk shows and more, the event stage in the North Hall promises to be a trove of fun and information.

See the 1/1 Aero Avante! (South Hall)
The impressive 1/1 Aero Avante will be on display - take this opportunity to get up close with a not-so-Mini 4WD car!
Click here for an overview of the project.
Click here to see the 1/1 Aero Avante in action at Suzuka!
*links lead to external site.

1/16 R/C Tankers' Meet! (Nov. 17th, South Hall)
On November 17th (Sat.), the South Hall will play host to an R/C tank battle that will pit such historical giants as the Tiger I, Sherman, KV-1 and more against each other in 1/16 scale. With individual and team events, it's the perfect stage to see these large-scale beasts in action!
Click here for more information about the 1/16 R/C Tankers' Meet. (Information in Japanese only)

Thrilling Mini 4WD Races! (South Hall)
November 17th (Sat.) sees the showdown between top Mini 4WD racers from the network of 500+ Mini 4WD Station stores. Come and see who is crowned Mini 4WD Station Challenge champion on the 3-lane circuit! November 18th (Sun.) promises an international air as Japan's best take on Mini 4WD enthusiasts from around the world in the Mini 4WD World Challenge 2018.
*Please note that only racers who have already qualified can participate in the above races.
A Concours d'Elegance will be held showing some of the most stunning Mini 4WD creations of the year.
Also on November 18th, a special circuit will be open to all-comers who want to try it with their own Mini 4WD car!

Beginners' Programming Workshop! (Nov. 17 & 18th, South Hall)
Programming is fast becoming a key element in education systems around the world. This workshop offers a great introduction to programming with IchigoJam, and all necessary materials come provided. The Cam-Program Robot will be awarded as a present upon completion of the workshop.
Workshops lasting around 1 hour are planned 3 times: 9:30, 12:00 and 14:00.
★Entry fee: 2,937 yen (includes materials and Cam-Program Robot)
★This workshop is recommended for Grade 3 students and over (Children 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
★Capacity: 12 persons per workshop (advance reservations are OK; we are now preparing the form)

Self-Defense Force Corner (South Hall)
The ladies and gentlemen of the Japan Self Defense Force will once again be honoring us with their presence. This is a fantastic chance for you to get up close and personal with 1/1 scale Self Defense Force vehicles and ask questions of the men and women who work with them.
Vehicles planned for exhibition include Light Armored Vehicle, Type 96 armored personnel carrier, and reconnaissance motorcycle.
★With the valued co-operation of the 34th Infantry Regiment and 1st Tank Battalion.

Comical Grasshopper Hands-On Event (South Hall)
Tamiya's Comical Grasshopper (WR-02CB) is a super new kit. The South hall will host an area where you can experience the wheelie-ing fun of this charismatic buggy!

Dancing Rider Hands-On Event (South Hall)
Tamiya's Dancing Rider is is great fun on 3 wheels, and now you can have a go at driving it. The South hall will host an area where you can experience the leaning fun of this 3-wheeled kit. It's easy to control, so novices and experts alike will soon get the hang of it!

Decoration Series Workshop Corner (South Hall)
The Tamiya Decoration Series is enjoying a boom among customers in Japan. Come down and take part in this workshop, which gives you a taster of the allure of the fascinating world of the Tamiya Decoration Series. More detailed information (contents, etc.) will be posted as it becomes available.

Plus a Host of Other Fun Activities!
There is so much else to enjoy at Tamiya Fair 2018 Mini 4WD Construction Corner, R/C Tractor Truck Corner and more. You will never be short of something fun to do!

Attend the TRF R/C Tour
Enjoy a hobby-immersed experience with the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team at Tamiya Fair 2018! This comprehensive tour includes a look around Tamiya Fair 2018, an R/C model construction workshop, driving R/C models at the Tamiya Circuit and more.
Click here for more information about the TRF R/C Tour. (Information in Japanese only)

Please note that photographs and videos of the above events may be used by Tamiya for publicity purposes. Tamiya does not accept responsibility for accidents or injury which occur during such events. Consumption of alcohol is expressly forbidden. Tamiya reserves the right to eject any customers who cause disruption or distress to other visitors.

The information on this page is current as of October 25, 2018.

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