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TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Series

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Over the years, TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) established itself as one of the elite R/C racing teams in the world, with its drivers taking numerous championships at both the national and international levels. Fans all over the world can enjoy the fruits of their labor with this TRF Series and arm themselves with these products infused with TRF's expert knowledge.
ĦITEM 42126
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 7.5T
ĦITEM 42127
High Performance ESC Volac Brushless
ĦITEM 42128
VG Joint & Cup Grease
ĦITEM 42129
VG Damper Grease
ĦITEM 42130
VG Thrust Bearing Grease
ĦITEM 42131
HL Cylinder for TRF Special Dampers (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42132
HL Cylinder for Aeration Dampers (Front, 2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42133
HL Cylinder for Aeration Dampers (Rear, 2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42134
HL Cylinder for
M-Chassis Aluminum Dampers (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42135
VG Fast Charger for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Battery
ĦITEM 42136
VG 24A Stable Power Supply
ĦITEM 42137
Competition O-Rings for Oil Dampers
ĦITEM 42138
TRF416 World Edition Chassis Kit
ĦITEM 42139
TRF511 Chassis Kit
ĦITEM 42140
VG Motor Checker
ĦITEM 42141
VG Tire Warmer
ĦITEM 42142
3mm Ceramic Diff Ball (12pcs.)
ĦITEM 42143
4mm Aluminum Serrated Wheel Nut (4pcs./Blue)
ĦITEM 42144
High Performance ESC Volac Brushless BL2
ĦITEM 42145
Hex Wrench Screwdriver (1.5mm)
ĦITEM 42146
Hex Wrench Screwdriver (2mm)
ĦITEM 42147
Hex Wrench Screwdriver (2.5mm)
ĦITEM 42148
Box Wrench (5.5mm)
ĦITEM 42149
Box Wrench (7mm)
ĦITEM 42150
Ballpoint Hex Wrench Screwdriver (2.5mm)


*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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