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TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Series

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Over the years, TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) established itself as one of the elite R/C racing teams in the world, with its drivers taking numerous championships at both the national and international levels. Fans all over the world can enjoy the fruits of their labor with this TRF Series and arm themselves with these products infused with TRF's expert knowledge.
ĦITEM 42101
R/C Pit Bag Large
ĦITEM 42102
TRF Special Damper Set (Hard Black Coating) 4pcs.
ĦITEM 42103
TA05 MS Chassis Kit
ĦITEM 42104
TRF415 MSXX MRE 2007
ĦITEM 42105
TRF501X World Championship Edition
ĦITEM 42106
TRF416 Chassis Kit
ĦITEM 42107
TB Evolution 5 MS Chassis Kit
ĦITEM 42108
630 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42109
840 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42110
840 Flanged Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42111
850 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42112
950 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42113
1050 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42114
1150 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42115
1510 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
ĦITEM 42116
3x10mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42117
3x23mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42118
3x32mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42119
3x38mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42120
3x42mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42121
3x45mm Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 42122
Wrench for Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft
ĦITEM 42123
High Performance ESC Volac MS C3
ĦITEM 42124
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 3.5T
ĦITEM 42125
High Performance Motor Transpeed Brushless 6.5T

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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