Things You Need to Get Started
To start running your Glow Engine R/C Car, you will need the following two items as well as appropriate Glow Engine fuel.
2-Channel 2-Servo Type Radio Control System
Engine R/C cars use a 2-channel, 2-servo type R/C system for operation. One of the servos is used for steering control and the other is used for throttle control. Tamiya's ADSPEC GTII Radio Control System is recommended for use with your Glow Engine R/C Car.
With the addition of a receiver battery box, 2-channel, 2-servo type radio control systems for electric R/C cars are also usable with your Glow Engine R/C Car. However, electric R/C radio control systems equipped with electronic speed controllers are not usable.

Engine Starting Equipment Set
To start your Glow Engine, you will need a few items. First, to get your Glow Fuel from the can to your engine, you will need the Fuel Filler. Next, the Tamiya Alkaline booster battery (Power Champ HP 1.5V) and the Plug Cable and Clip are necessary to heat up your car's plug. These three items are sold as a set (Item 41001) from Tamiya.

To start your engine the easy way, Starter Box is also available from Tamiya.
Starter Box TGX TG10 Starter Box
(ITEM 41040)
Just press and hold chassis to the top of the box for quick and easy engine starting. Starter Box can be used with TGX, TG10, and the newly developed TGR Chassis. Includes one high torque motor. Two 7.2V batteries required (sold separately). Some assembly required.

*Usable with: TGX, TG10, TGR Chassis (except those equipped with under cowls).

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