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FS Engine 32mm Enhanced Air Cleaner Check Air Cleaner

FS Engine 32mm Enhanced Air Cleaner (ITEM 41054)

A blocked air cleaner will reduce the amount of air reaching the engine, causing the chassis to lose power. Regularly check how dirty your air cleaner is, cleaning or replacing the filters when necessary.
Air Cleaner 1Air Cleaner 2

Tamiya R/C Cleaner Spray Clean Machine

Tamiya R/C Cleaner Spray (ITEM 87039)

After running your machine, it will probably become covered in fuel residue etc. Leaving it like that will cause damage to the chassis. Wash the residue away using Tamiya R/C Cleaner Spray. Spray and then simply wipe.
Clean Machine 1Clean Machine 2

Tamiya Engine Treatment Spray Engine Cleaning

Tamiya Engine Treatment Spray (ITEM 87040)

If you do not clean your engine thoroughly, it will gradually rust and corrode. Spray the internal parts of the engine by removing the air cleaner and glow plug. Using Tamiya Engine Treatment Spray will prevent rust and stop left-over fuel from hardening.
Engine Cleaning 1Engine Cleaning 2

Spare Glow Plug (Medium) Plug Check

Spare Glow Plug (Medium) (ITEM 41003)

Being mounted in the cylinder, the glow plug is exposed to high temperatures and air-pressure, giving it a limited life span. A faulty glow plug is one of the main causes of engine startup problems. Check the plug by placing it in the glow plug heater and checking if it glows.
Plug Check 1Plug Check 2

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