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GF-01 Chassis

GF-01: Square Set-up, Excellent Performance
This gear-driven 4WD chassis is based around a lightweight and tough monocoque frame, with power provided by the centrally-positioned motor. It utilizes a 'square' setup with near-identical tread and wheelbase lengths. Sealed gearbox is integrated into the frame and protects from dust and debris, while the built-in front and rear differential gears provide smooth cornering. This is reinforced by 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and friction dampers plus a 2-piece tie rod steering setup with the servo on the left for excellent response. Furthermore, it is fitted with big tires, in addition to a rear support bar with roller to prevent the model from flipping here

Smooth handling thanks to the 2-piece steering tie-rod and steering servo positioned on the left.

Double wishbone suspension is paired with friction dampers for excellent off-road performance.

The centrally-positioned motor powers front and rear gears in a new gear-driven 4WD setup.

The unique gear-driven 4WD drivetrain.

Specifications are subject to change.

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