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G6-01TR Chassis

Immense Traction
Reduction gears on each axle slow drive shaft rotation to give the 6-wheel drive G6-01TR chassis an overall gear ratio of 37.35:1, for immense traction, which along with its great ground clearance gives the ability to take on tough off-road terrain. It is based around a tough, slimline monocoque frame. Power is provided by a motor behind the front wheels, and transmitted to front, center and rear wheels via gears. The gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and debris, and integrated into the frame; it has built-in front, center and rear differential gears that provide superb traction and durability with the use of included diff putty. Double wishbone suspension is fitted with friction dampers. With suspension reassembly and a separately-sold transmitter with 4WS function and R/C equipment, the rear wheels can be made steerable.

6-wheel independent double wishbone suspension uses friction dampers. Gearboxes are integrated into the chassis monocoque.

All 6 wheels are fitted with hub reduction units, which slow down drive shaft output for greater torque and immense traction.

Diff putty is included in the kit for use in the gear differentials, contributing to superb traction for this big 6-wheeler.

The G6-01TR is built around a slimline monocque main frame, which provides a sturdy base for the model.

Power is provided by a motor behind the front wheels and transmitted to all wheels via a train of gears.

Specifications are subject to change.