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F103GT Chassis

F103GT - Fun, Responsive Direct Drive!
The F103GT chassis utilizes 2WD direct drive, with a rear-mounted motor. Its FRP double-deck frame employs 1.5mm upper and 2.5mm lower decks, cushioned by link-type arm and coil spring left/right independent front suspension. An FRP T-bar is the centerpiece of the rigid rear suspension setup, working in tandem with the friction plate and coil spring unit to provide a smooth drive. The height adjustable gear case allows a range of ground clearance settings, and contains a high-performance ball differential. Front uprights give a 3° caster angle, and are equipped with 850 ball bearings. Get ready for a fun, responsive drive!

The lightweight, highly responsive direct drive 2WD F103GT chassis

FRP T-bar, friction damper plate & coil spring shock unit

Motor pinion drives spur gear with internal ball diff.

L/R independent front suspension features coil spring set on lower part of upright.

Utilizes link-type upper arms.

Specifications are subject to change.

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