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CR-01 Chassis

Get Crawling with the CR-01
This is a dedicated rock crawling shaft-driven 4WD chassis, centered around a sturdy ladder frame comprising aluminum side members and resin cross members. 4-link rigid suspension is fitted with oil dampers and aluminum rods, while diffs can be locked. Big tires feature sidewall tread patterns and are paired with beadlock wheels for superlative cushioning.

4-link rigid suspension features front and rear stabilizers and provides sure-footed performance.

Tires feature inner sponge and tread pattern on the sidewalls to provide maximum grip in rock crawling environments.

Dampers are actuated via pushrods and rocker arms. Separate coil springs act as tension springs to help maintain a controllable stance.

Steering servo is mounted in a servo bed above the axle in an innovative way so as to not interfere with suspension movement.

Compact gearbox tranfers power to all 4 wheels and the small size enables lower battery position for better center of gravity.

Front and rear 3-bevel diffs can be locked to provide the ultimate level of off-road traction.

Specifications are subject to change.

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