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As our lives become more and more fast paced, there are those times when you just don't have the time to assemble the models you would like to. You want to admire the detail of the vehicles you love, maybe you would like to do some touch-up work, but nothing out on the market, not even die-cast models, is precise enough to satisfy your passion for authenticity. Nothing, that is, until now. Tamiya's Masterwork Collection Series promises to satisfy, with its precision hand-crafted and touch-up friendly models.

ĦITEM 21003
Tiger I Early Production with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21004
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G Early Production with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21006
Medium Tank T-55A Desert Version with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21007
German Panther Type G Late Version with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21008
German Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Early Version with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21011
German King Tiger Production Turret with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21012
M1A2 Abrams Desert Version
ĦITEM 21014
German Tiger I Early Production (Turret No.S33) with Metal Tracks
ĦITEM 21015
Leopard 2 A6 Main Battle Tank
ĦITEM 21020
JGSDF Type 90 Tank
ĦITEM 21023
M2A2 Bradley
ĦITEM 21024
British Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 (Desertized)
ĦITEM 21025
JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle Iraq Humanitarian Assistance Unit
ĦITEM 21026
U.S. Medium Tank M4 Sherman
Early Production
ĦITEM 21035
U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing (T26E3)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agents.

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