1/35 British MBT Challenger 2 (Desertised) Finished Model
Click to enlarge With the Form and Gravity of Tradition
Tanks were first employed in modern warfare by the British, who built the Mark I tank during WWI. Over 8 decades of history and tradition have culminated in Britain's newest state-of-the-art Main Battle Tank: the Challenger 2. The tank's wedge-shaped turret armor, 120mm rifled main gun and imposing size give it a truly formidable presence on the battlefield, which you can now experience first hand with this addition to Tamiya's Masterwork Collection. Painted in desert sand coloring, this model represents Challengers serving in the war in Iraq from March, 2003.
About the Model: Fully assembled 1/35 British Challenger 2 tank pre-painted with all markings pre-applied. Special modifications of tanks deployed to Iraq accurately reproduced, including canvas skirts to reduce dust ingestion, special cover to reduce exhaust heat and Combat Identification Panels (CIP). Display quality enhanced by photo-etched parts used for the rear engine grille cover. Inner half of road wheels made from metal for extra weight and realism. Overall length: 344mm

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