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Technicraft Series

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The Technicraft Series consists of construction items that will motivate of illuminate your models or craft projects to a degree of sophistication that will amaze you.

ITEM 72001
Planetary Gear Box Set
ITEM 72002
High Speed Gear Box H.E. (High Efficiency)
ITEM 72003
High Power Gear Box H.E. (High Efficiency)
ITEM 72004
Worm Gear Box H.E. (High Efficiency)
ITEM 72005
6-Speed Gearbox H.E.
ITEM 72006
4ch 4stick Controller
ITEM 72007
4-Speed High Power Gearbox H.E.
ITEM 72008
4-Speed Worm Gearbox H.E.
ITEM 72009
5-Speed Twin Gearbox H.E.

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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