Tamiya Color Spray Paints

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These cans of spray paint are extremely useful for painting large surfaces. The paint is synthetic lacquer that cures in a short period of time. Each can contains 100ml of paint, which is enough to fully cover 2 or 3, 1/24 scale sized car bodies. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. Therefor, following the painting of the entire assembly, details can be added or picked out using enamel and/or acrylic paints. By combining of three different paints, the decoration of plastic models will become simpler and more effective.

TS-1 Red Brown

TS-2 Dark Green

TS-3 Dark Yellow

TS-4 German Grey

TS-5 Olive Drab

TS-6 Matt Black

TS-7 Racing White

TS-8 Italian Red

TS-9 British Green

TS-10 French Blue

TS-11 Maroon

TS-12 Orange

TS-13 Clear

TS-14 Black

TS-15 Blue

TS-16 Yellow

TS-17 Aluminum Silver

TS-18 Metallic Red

TS-19 Metallic Blue

TS-20 Metallic Green

TS-21 Gold

TS-22 Light Green

TS-23 Light Blue

TS-24 Purple

TS-25 Pink

TS-26 Pure White

TS-27 Matt White

TS-28 Olive Drad2

TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black

TS-30 Silver Leaf

TS-31 Bright Orange

TS-32 Haze Grey

TS-33 Dull Red

TS-34 Camel Yellow

TS-35 Park Green

TS-36 Fluorescent Red

TS-37 Lavender

TS-38 Gun Metal

TS-39 Mica Red

TS-40 Metallic Black

TS-41 Coral Blue

TS-42 Light Gun Metal

TS-43 Racing Green

TS-44 Brilliant Blue

TS-45 Pearl White

TS-46 Light Sand

TS-47 Chrome Yellow

TS-48 Gunship Grey

TS-49 Bright Red

TS-50 Mica Blue

TS-51 Racing Blue

TS-52 Candy Lime Green

TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue

TS-54 Light Metallic Blue

TS-55 Dark Blue

TS-56 Brilliant Orange

TS-57 Blue Violet

TS-58 Pearl Light Blue

TS-59 Pearl Light Red

TS-60 Pearl Green

TS-61 NATO Green

TS-62 NATO Brown

TS-63 NATO Black

TS-64 Dark Mica Blue

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