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Tamiya Color Spray Paints for Polycarbonate

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These spray paints were especially developed for decorating transparent polycarbonate bodies used in R/C car modeling. Each can contains 100ml of paint, which is the appropriate amount for finishing the model. Paint the body from the inside, keeping the can about 30cm from the surface. After curing, apply another coat. Small details should be brush painted beforehand, using Tamiya bottle paints for polycarbonate. These paints are impervious to oil and fuels, so they can be safely used on glow engine R/C car bodies.

Never use these paints on plastic models. May not be available in some countries.

ITEM 86001
PS-1 White

ITEM 86002
PS-2 Red

ITEM 86003
PS-3 Light blue

ITEM 86004
PS-4 Blue

ITEM 86005
PS-5 Black

ITEM 86006
PS-6 Yellow

ITEM 86007
PS-7 Orange

ITEM 86008
PS-8 Light green

ITEM 86009
PS-9 Green

ITEM 86010
PS-10 Purple

ITEM 86011
PS-11 Pink

ITEM 86012
PS-12 Silver

ITEM 86013
PS-13 Gold

ITEM 86014
PS-14 Copper

ITEM 86015
PS-15 Metallic red

ITEM 86016
PS-16 Metallic blue

ITEM 86017
PS-17 Metallic green

ITEM 86018
PS-18 Metallic purple

ITEM 86019
PS-19 Camel yellow

ITEM 86020
PS-20 Fluorescent red

ITEM 86021
PS-21 Park green

ITEM 86022
PS-22 Racing green

ITEM 86023
PS-23 Gun metal

ITEM 86024
PS-24 Fluorescent orange

ITEM 86025
PS-25 Bright green

ITEM 86027
PS-27 Fluorescent yellow

ITEM 86028
PS-28 Fluorescent green

ITEM 86029
PS-29 Fluorescent pink

ITEM 86030
PS-30 Brilliant blue

ITEM 86031
PS-31 Smoke

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