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Educational Construction Series
Plates & Beams

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ITEM 70003
Pla-Plate Set S Size
ITEM 70090
Heat-Shrink Pla-Plate (Transparent)
ITEM 70116
Plastic Beams 2mm Triangle (10pcs.)
ITEM 70117
Plastic Beams 3mm Triangle (8pcs.)
ITEM 70118
Plastic Beams 5mm Triangle (5pcs.)
ITEM 70122
Pla-Plate 0.3mm B4 Size (5pcs.)
ITEM 70123
Pla-Plate 0.5mm B4 Size (4pcs.)
ITEM 70124
Pla-Plate 1.0mm B4 Size (2pcs.)
ITEM 70125
Pla-Plate 1.2mm B4 Size (2pcs.)
ITEM 70126
Clear Pla-Plate 0.2mm B4 Size (5pcs.)
ITEM 70127
Clear Pla-Plate 0.4mm B4 Size (4pcs.)
ITEM 70128
Clear Pla-Plate 1.7mm B4 Size (1pc.)
ITEM 70129
Plastic Beams 2mm Square (10pcs.)
ITEM 70130
Plastic Beams 3mm Square (10pcs.)
ITEM 70131
Plastic Beams 5mm Square (6pcs.)

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