Tamiya Color Mini 4WD Spray Paint

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The bright tones of these spray paints are ideal for decorating Tamiya's Mini 4WD cars. With a new special formula of propellant and paint, the risk of paint running has been considerably reduced. They provide a glossy, even finish and highly recommended not only for skilled modelers but also for those who has never tried spray painting. Each can contains 90ml of synthetic lacquer paint.

Not available in some countries.

MS-1 Bright Gold

MS-2 Bright Silver

MS-3 Bright Red

MS-4 Mach Blue

MS-5 Metallic Gray

MS-6 Metallic Purple

MS-7 Super White

MS-8 Fluorescent Red

MS-9 Fluorescent Orange

MS-10 Fluorescent Yellow

MS-11 Fluorescent Green

MS-12 Fluorescent Pink

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