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Mini 4WD Grade-Up Parts

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With this wide range of Grade-Up Parts to improve both looks and performance, you can turn your machine into a one-of-a-kind customized Mini 4WD creation!

ITEM 15176
Aluminum Progressive Down-Thrust Rollers
ITEM 15180
13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers
ITEM 15183
Mini 4WD Speed Checker
ITEM 15184
Mini 4WD Lap Timer
ITEM 15186
Plasma-Dash Motor
ITEM 15193
FRP Multi Reinforcing Plate
ITEM 15198
Rear Sliding Damper Brake Set
ITEM 15205
1.4mm Hollow Propeller Shaft (for Super 1/TZ Chassis)
ITEM 15208
Mini 4WD Motor Case
ITEM 15211
Ni-Cd Battery 1000 (N-3US) & AC Fast Charger Set
ITEM 15212
Mini 4WD Ni-Cd Battery 1000 x2
ITEM 15213
Narrow One-Way Wheel Set (Wide Tread)
ITEM 15215
Atomic-Tuned Motor
ITEM 15224
Light-Emitting Diode (Green)
ITEM 15225
Touch-Dash Motor
ITEM 15226
Large Diameter One-Way Wheel Set (Wide Tread)
ITEM 15230
Side Extension Roller Mount
ITEM 15232
Mini 4WD Screw Set A
ITEM 15233
Mini 4WD Screw Set B
ITEM 15234
Hollow Propeller Shaft (for Super X Chassis)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agents.

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