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Mini 4WD Grade-Up Parts

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With this wide range of Grade-Up Parts to improve both looks and performance, you can turn your machine into a one-of-a-kind customized Mini 4WD creation!

ITEM 15046
Gold Plated Terminal B
ITEM 15059
Stabilizing Pole Set
ITEM 15090
Zero Chassis Gold Plated Terminal Set
ITEM 15111
Mini Round Hold Ball Bearing Set (4pcs.)
ITEM 15113
Racing Mini 4WD Rear Brake & Roller Set
ITEM 15117
Reston Sponge Tires (Blue)
ITEM 15120
Narrow One-Way Wheel Set
ITEM 15132
Racing Mini 4WD Special Ratio Gearing
ITEM 15139
Front Sliding Damper Roller
ITEM 15149
Aluminum Motor Support
ITEM 15150
FRP Mount Plate Set
ITEM 15158
Short Stabilizing Pole & Roller Set
ITEM 15160
19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Aero-Spoke Type)
ITEM 15161
17mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (3-Spoke Type)
ITEM 15163
Mini 4WD Parts Case
ITEM 15176
Aluminum Progressive Down-Thrust Rollers
ITEM 15180
13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers
ITEM 15183
Mini 4WD Speed Checker
ITEM 15186
Plasma-Dash Motor
ITEM 15193
FRP Multi Reinforcing Plate

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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