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Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint

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Tamiya Color bottled Lacquer Paints are highly versatile - whether using them to airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details with a brush, their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their tough membrane suits them ideally to use as a basecoat, resistant to enamel paints, while swift drying times ensure an efficient painting process. A dedicated thinner is available.

ITEM 82116
LP-16 Wooden deck tan

ITEM 82117
LP-17 Linoleum deck brown

ITEM 82118
LP-18 Dull red

ITEM 82119
LP-19 Gun metal

ITEM 82120
LP-20 Light gun metal

ITEM 82121
LP-21 Italian red

ITEM 82122
LP-22 Flat base

ITEM 82123
LP-23 Flat clear

ITEM 82124
LP-24 Semi gloss clear

ITEM 82125
LP-25 Brown (JGSDF)

ITEM 82126
LP-26 Dark green (JGSDF)

ITEM 82127
LP-27 German gray

ITEM 82128
LP-28 Olive drab

ITEM 82129
LP-29 Olive drab 2

ITEM 82130
LP-30 Light sand

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