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Elecraft Series

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With the products in Tamiya's Elecraft Series, you can enjoy the fun of building motorized creations using circuits, wires, and switches. Engineers young and old will gain a greater understanding of mechanical processes with these assembly kit items and parts.

ĦITEM 75015
6P Slide Switch (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 75016
5A Micro Switch
ĦITEM 75017
6P Toggle Switch
ĦITEM 75018
6P Toggle Switch (Self-Neutral Function)
ĦITEM 75018
6P Toggle Switch (Self-Neutral Function)
ĦITEM 75019
1.5A Parallel Cord (5m)
ĦITEM 75020
Line Tracing Snail Kit
ĦITEM 75021
Loopwing Wind Power Generator Set
ĦITEM 75022
8-Wire Multicore Remote Controller Cable (5m)
ĦITEM 75023
Remote Controller Toggle Switch (2pcs.)
ĦITEM 75024
Solar Charger Set
ĦITEM 75025
Wind-Up Power Generator Set
ĦITEM 75027
Line Tracing Snail II

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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