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Craft Tools

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Precision craft tools are of vital importance when constructing your masterpiece. Whether it is a plastic model or an R/C model. Get the most out of your abilities by using Tamiya Craft Tools.
■ITEM 74001
Side Cutter for Plastic
■ITEM 74002
Long Nose w/Cutter
■ITEM 74003
Angled Tweezers
■ITEM 74004
Straight Tweezers
■ITEM 74005
Curved Scissors for Plastic
■ITEM 74006
(+) Screwdriver No.2 L
■ITEM 74007
(+) Screwdriver No.1 M
■ITEM 74010
Tamiya Pocket Tool Set
■ITEM 74013
Tamiya Craft Knife
■ITEM 74015
Plastic Scriber
■ITEM 74016
Basic Tool Set
■ITEM 74017
Paint Stirrer
■ITEM 74018
Handy Craft Saw
■ITEM 74020
Design Knife
■ITEM 74023
"Builder's 8" Screwdriver Set
■ITEM 74024
Thin Blade Craft Saw
■ITEM 74030
Precision Caliper
■ITEM 74031
Decal Scissors
■ITEM 74032
2mm E-Ring Tool
■ITEM 74034
Needle Nose Pliers w/Cutter
■ITEM 74035
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter
■ITEM 74039
Safety Goggles
■ITEM 74040
Modeler's Knife
■ITEM 74041
Electric Handy Drill
■ITEM 74042
Electric Handy Router
■ITEM 74043
Electric Router Bit Set (5pcs.)
■ITEM 74044
Fine Drill Set
■ITEM 74045
Modeler's Side Cutter
■ITEM 74046
Basic File Set (Medium Double-Cut)
■ITEM 74047
HG Angled Tweezers

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