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Tamiya Color Spray For Aircraft

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These spray paints are specially developed for finishing aircraft models. Each color is formulated to provide the authentic tone to 1/32 and 1/48 scale model aircraft. Now, the subtle shades can be easily obtained on your models by simple spraying. Each can contains 100ml of synthetic lacquer paint.

●May not be available in some countries.

ITEM 86501
AS-1 Dark green

ITEM 86502
AS-2 Light gray

ITEM 86503
AS-3 Gray green

ITEM 86504
AS-4 Gray violet

ITEM 86505
AS-5 Light blue

ITEM 86506
AS-6 Olive drab

ITEM 86507
AS-7 Neutral gray

ITEM 86508
AS-8 Navy blue

ITEM 86509
AS-9 Dark green

ITEM 86510
AS-10 Ocean gray

ITEM 86511
AS-11 Medium sea gray

ITEM 86512
AS-12 Bare-metal silver

ITEM 86513
AS-13 Green

ITEM 86514
AS-14 Olive green

ITEM 86515
AS-15 Tan

ITEM 86516
AS-16 Light gray

ITEM 86517
AS-17 Dark green (IJA)

ITEM 86518
AS-18 Light gray (IJA)

ITEM 86519
AS-19 Intermediate blue

ITEM 86520
AS-20 Insignia white

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