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Tamiya Color Acrylic Paints (Gloss)

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Tamiya Acrylic Paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush or spray painting. These paints can be used on styrol resins, styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics. The paint covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can be blended easily. Each bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Series contains 23ml of paint.

May not be available in some countries

ITEM 81001
X-1 Black

ITEM 81002
X-2 White

ITEM 81003
X-3 Royal blue

ITEM 81004
X-4 Blue

ITEM 81005
X-5 Green

ITEM 81006
X-6 Orange

ITEM 81007
X-7 Red

ITEM 81008
X-8 Lemon yellow

ITEM 81009
X-9 Brown

ITEM 81010
X-10 Gun metal

ITEM 81011
X-11 Chrome silver

ITEM 81012
X-12 Gold leaf

ITEM 81013
X-13 Metallic blue

ITEM 81014
X-14 Sky blue

ITEM 81015
X-15 Light green

ITEM 81016
X-16 Purple

ITEM 81017
X-17 Pink

ITEM 81018
X-18 Semi gloss black

ITEM 81019
X-19 Smoke

ITEM 81020
X-20A Acrylic thinner

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agents.

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