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1/48 Military Miniature Series

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Featuring exceptional detail on an easy to collect 1/48 scale, Tamiya's MM series is perfect for collecting and reproducing small scale diorama. Figures, accessories and die-cast chassis for heavy vehicles adds further realism to a fantastic growing series. Combine MM models with our 1/48 Scale Aircraft Series for a limitless amount of creative possibilities.
ITEM 32521
WWII Russian Infantry & Tank Crew Set

ITEM 32522
German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther Late Version
ITEM 32523
U.S. Medium Tank M4A1 Sherman

ITEM 32524
Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.L (Sd.Kfz.141/1)

ITEM 32525
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G (Sd.Kfz.142/1)

ITEM 32526
WWII British Infantry Set
(European Campaign)
ITEM 32527
Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122

ITEM 32528
Cromwell Mk.IV British Cruiser Tank Mk.VIII, A27M
ITEM 32529
German Tiger I Initial Production
ITEM 32530
WWII German Infantry on Manuevers

ITEM 32532
British Sherman IC Firefly

ITEM 32533
German Aircraft Power Supply Unit & Kettenkraftrad
ITEM 32534
6X4 Krupp Protze (Kfz.70)

ITEM 32535
Russian Heavy Tank KV-1

ITEM 32536
German King Tiger "Production Turret"

ITEM 32537
U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing (T26E3)

ITEM 32538
Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 Gigant

ITEM 32539
German King Tiger "Porsche Turret"

ITEM 32540
German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G Early Version
ITEM 32541
Crusader Mk.I/II British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI

1/48 Aircraft Series Catalog

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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