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1/48 Military Miniature Series

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This fantastic series features accurately detailed military vehicles and tanks reduced down to a compact 1/48 scale. Combining small size with intricate detailing and streamlined assembly, these models are the perfect size for collecting and displaying. With 1/48 scale widely recognized as the standard scale for aviation models, this wonderful series opens the door to many new diorama options.

ITEM 32501
German Kübelwagen Type 82
ITEM 32502
Kettenkraftrad w/Infantry Cart
ITEM 32503
German Kübelwagen Type 82 Afrika-Corps
ITEM 32504
German Tiger I Early Production
ITEM 32505
M4 Sherman Early Production
ITEM 32506
German Schwimmwagen Type 166
ITEM 32507
German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.B (Sd.Kfz.142)
ITEM 32508
Brick Wall, Sand Bag & Barricade Set
ITEM 32509
Road Sign Set
ITEM 32510
Jerry Can Set
ITEM 32511
German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production
ITEM 32512
WWII German Infantry Set
ITEM 32513
WWII U.S. Infantry GI Set
ITEM 32514
WWII German Panzer Grenadier Set
ITEM 32515
Russian Tank T34/76 Model 1941 (Cast Turret)
ITEM 32516
British Universal Carrier Mk.II
ITEM 32517
Citroën Traction 11CV Staff Car
ITEM 32518
Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J Sd.Kfz.161/2
ITEM 32519
U.S. Tank Destroyer M10 Mid Production
ITEM 32520
German Panther
Type G

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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