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1/350 Ship Series

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From battleships which fought for the glory of nations to little destroyers which left their names in naval history, this series recreates famous ships from various navies around the world in large 1/350 scale.

ĦITEM 78006
U.S. Aircraft Set
ĦITEM 78007
U.S. Aircraft Carrier CVN-65 Enterprise
ĦITEM 78009
U.S. Aircraft Set No.2
ĦITEM 78010
British Battleship King George V
ĦITEM 78011
British Battleship Prince of Wales
ĦITEM 78012
U.S. Destroyer DD-445 Fletcher
ĦITEM 78013
German Battleship Bismarck
ĦITEM 78014
Japanese Battleship Yamato
ĦITEM 78015
German Battleship Tirpitz
ĦITEM 78016
Japanese Battleship Musashi
ĦITEM 78017
U.S. Battleship BB-62 New Jersey
ĦITEM 78018
U.S. Battleship BB-63 Missouri
ĦITEM 78019
Japanese Navy Submarine I-400
ĦITEM 78020
Japanese Navy Destroyer Yukikaze
ĦITEM 78021
Japanese Aircraft Cruiser Mogami
ĦITEM 78022
Japanese Light Cruiser Mikuma

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