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Wild Mini 4WD Series

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Can you imagine a big monster truck resting on the palm of your hand? With Tamiya's Wild Mini 4WD Series, this wish can come true. These fun mini stompers are powered by electric motors and incorporate a 4WD drivetrain.

ITEM 17003
Lunch Box Jr.
ITEM 17005
Clod Buster Jr.
ITEM 17006
ITEM 17007
Nissan King Cab Jr.
ITEM 17008
Bullhead Jr.
ITEM 17009
Toyota Hi-lux Monster Racer Jr.
ITEM 17010
Toyota 4Runner Jr.
ITEM 17011
Nissan Terrano '93 Paris Dakar
ITEM 17012
Dash-CBW Command Saurus
ITEM 17013
Mammoth Dump Truck
ITEM 17015
Isuzu VehiCross Team Geolander Baja 1000

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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