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Racing Mini 4WD Series

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These small racers feature a wide range of body and chassis designs, including cars suited to various types of racing. Whether you're on a high-speed or more technical circuit, the Racing Mini 4WD Series will have something for you.

ITEM 18061
Super Sabre RS
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18062
Vanquish RS
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18063
Egress RS
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18064
Terra Scorcher RS
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18065
Super Avante RS
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18066
Slash Reaper
ITEM 18067
Super Dragon Premium
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18068
Thunder Dragon Premium
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18069
Dash-1 Emperor Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18070
Dash-01 Super Emperor Premium
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18071
Saint Dragon Premium
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18072
Fire Dragon Premium
(VS Chassis)
ITEM 18073
Dash-0 Horizon Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18074
Dash-X1 Proto-Emperor Premium
(Super-II Chassis)
ITEM 18075
Dash-001 Great Emperor Premium
(Super-II Chassis)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
For prices and availability, contact one of our local agents.

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