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Racing Mini 4WD Series

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These small racers feature a wide range of body and chassis designs, including cars suited to various types of racing. Whether you're on a high-speed or more technical circuit, the Racing Mini 4WD Series will have something for you.

ITEM 18001
The Hotshot Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18002
The Hornet Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18003
The Fox Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18004
The Boomerang Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18005
The Big Wig Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18006
The Falcon Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18007
Super Dragon Jr.
(Type 1))
ITEM 18008
Thunder Dragon Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18009
Thunder Shot Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18010
Super Sabre Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18011
Fire Dragon Jr.
(Type 1)
ITEM 18012
Dash-1 Emperor
(Type 1)
ITEM 18013
Thunder Shot Junior (Black Special)
(Type 1)
ITEM 18014
Avante Jr.
(Type 2)
ITEM 18015
Dash-2 Burning Sun
(Type 2)

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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