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Mini 4WD PRO Series

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These exciting Mini 4WD PRO machines feature a dual-shaft motor that drives both the front and rear wheels for optimum efficiency. With a battery and motor layout that emphasizes good balance, the chassis are a perfect base to install the wide range of available performance-enhancing Grade-Up Parts. Two R6/AA/UM3 batteries are separately required.

ITEM 18601
Nitro Thunder Blue (Finished Model)
ITEM 18602
Nitro Force Green (Finished Model)
ITEM 18603
Nitro Thunder Yellow (Finished Model)
ITEM 18604
Nitro Force Red (Finished Model)
ITEM 18605
Nitro Thunder Black (Finished Model)
ITEM 18606
Nitro Force Silver (Finished Model)
ITEM 18607
Nitro Thunder
ITEM 18608
Nitro Force
ITEM 18609
ITEM 18610
ITEM 18611
ITEM 18612
ITEM 18613
TRF-Racer Jr.
ITEM 18614
Avante Mk.II
ITEM 18615
Manta Ray Mk.II
ITEM 18616
Avante X
ITEM 18617
Neo Falcon
ITEM 18618
Keen Hawk Jr.
ITEM 18619
Nitrage Jr.
ITEM 18620
Thunder Shot Mk.II
ITEM 18621
ITEM 18622
ITEM 18623
Savanna Leo
ITEM 18624
Hotshot Jr.
ITEM 18625
Dash-1 Emperor

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