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Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Series

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A state of the art shaft-driven 4WD system wrapped under an aerodynamic body cowl... Tamiya's Fully Cowled Mini 4WD machines use a range of track-proven chassis. Wide and low body styling helps the cars to effortlessly cut through the air.

ITEM 19401
Magnum Saber
ITEM 19402
Sonic Saber
ITEM 19403
Tridagger X
ITEM 19404
ITEM 19405
Proto-Saber JB
ITEM 19406
Victory Magnum
ITEM 19407
Vanguard Sonic
ITEM 19408
Beak Spider
ITEM 19409
Neo-Tridagger ZMC
ITEM 19410
Fighter Magnum VFX
ITEM 19411
Brocken Gigant
ITEM 19412
Cyclone Magnum
ITEM 19413
Ray Stinger
ITEM 19414
Brocken Gigant Black Special
ITEM 19415
Hurricane Sonic

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