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1/16 World Figure Series

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At approximately 120mm tall, the figures in this series come in the popular 1/16 scale and boast natural, lifelike poses as well as vivid facial expressions for a superb level of realism. Clothing, equipment, and accessories have all been accurately reproduced based on extensive research.

ITEM 36301
Wehrmacht Tank Crewman
ITEM 36302
WWII German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot
ITEM 36303
WWII German Elite Infantryman
ITEM 36304
WWII German Infantryman (Reversible Winter Uniform)
ITEM 36305
Feldmarschall Rommel (German Africa Corps)
ITEM 36306
WWII German Machine Gunner (Greatcoat)
ITEM 36307
WWII Wehrmacht Infantryman (On Maneuver)
ITEM 36308
Modern U.S. Infantryman (Desert Uniform)
ITEM 36309
Bundeswehr Tank Crewman
ITEM 36310
WWII Wehrmacht Tank Crewman
ITEM 36311
WWII German Machine Gun Ammo-Belt Loader (Carrying Tripod)
ITEM 36312
WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Fighter Pilot
ITEM 36313
WWII German Field Commander
ITEM 36314
WWII Russian Field Commander

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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