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1/12 Motorcycle Series

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The motorcycles in this series are meticulously crafted and the 1/12 scale makes them ideal for collecting. The number of parts is kept to a reasonable level without compromising on detail, allowing both beginner and veteran modelers to enjoy the building process. A wide variety of subjects ranging from the most advanced racing bikes to roadgoing motorcycles is available.

ITEM 14001
Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix Racer
ITEM 14002
Yamaha RZ250
ITEM 14003
Suzuki RGB500 Grand Prix Racer
ITEM 14004
Yamaha RZ350
ITEM 14008
Honda CB1100R
ITEM 14009
Suzuki RGB500 Team Gallina
ITEM 14010
Suzuki GSX1100S Katana
ITEM 14011
Honda CR250R Motocrosser
ITEM 14012
Kawasaki KR1000F
ITEM 14013
Suzuki RM250 Motocrosser
ITEM 14014
Honda RS1000 Endurance Racer
ITEM 14016
Honda CX500 Turbo
ITEM 14018
Honda CR450R Motocrosser w/Rider
ITEM 14020
Suzuki GSX750 Police Bike
ITEM 14023
Honda MVX250F

*Please note that some of these items may no longer be available.
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